Server 3000 pve ps4 a player stole everyhing from me

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc

a player named Thor of the invincibles clan stole everything from me. While we were waiting for a building from another clan to degrade, he invited me to join his and playing alone I accepted. As soon as I joined, he expelled me having all my possessions, my bases and my slaves… the player doesn’t answer my messages, neither he nor any of his clan. Any way I can get it all back?

Sorry bro but nope. I had a similar issue and I think it’s bs that there isn’t a protective system in place to stop ppl abusing that system

does it make sense to report the player somehow for behavior?

@prometheus96 no need to report it people will say it is part of the game. Stinks but it has happened from the beginning and will still carry on. If I bring some one in to my clan and I don’t login for a few days they could potentially steal a bunch of stuff and then leave the clan. Sorry u got bit.

I was warned about this when I first started. SoI just formed a clan of one. That should prevent people from inviting you just to kick you out.

And the others I ended up inviting in I knew in real life. Not sure if I’d ever invite anyone random or I barely knew. That might be a good warning too if somene invites you out of the blue. Although this won’t help you with your current situation.

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Unfortunately, this is not an issue but part of the current clan mechanics, as when you join a clan everything you own will belong to the clan instead, even after you leave it.

If you’re looking into joining a clan, we’d advise getting to know its members first and ask around the server if they’re a reputable bunch before considering joining up with them.

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