Server 3221 bugs PLS HELP

hey since 2 days after the new update every day the server buggs on 20:00 - 00:00 or more
ww cant farming
we cant kill anything
we cant kill enemies
no dmg nothing

we was on raid like yesterday and now its bug again and we cant finish our raid!
pls fix it on server 3221 or restart the server i dont know…pls help funcom

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text**hello guys in the server 3221 are four days that in pvp time you can not attack the enemies and you can not do the farming we are wasting so much energy for nothing and none of you helps us with this is becoming unplayable

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server 3221 every time buggs we cant kill another players
we cant farming
we cant make nothing
every day 20:00 its start i dont know how long

pls restart the server or make anything
we was in raid and now we cant finish our raid
yesterday again pls fix it

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Ya this annoying the fk out of me. I half think we’ve got a hacker. I’ve sever hopped allot since thisstarted. I havn’t seen this issue anywhere else

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Hey everybody,

We’re merging all threads reporting this issue into this one. Please do not start additional threads regarding this issue. We understand how deeply frustrating this situation is, and we have informed our team about it.


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