Server 3515 lag time

I have been playing on server 3515 and 3500 PS4 platform where I am at level 60 on both. It is day and night between the sever performances.

On 3500, I have no issues or very few. On 3515 it is another story. The following are all related to lag time on load time of the environment.

When I first appears on my chambers in my home, it takes between 3 to 20 minutes before I can step outside as I do not see the doors.
If I venture out and I get attacked by an animal, I often do not see the animal and get damaged 50% before either running away or letting my thrall take care of it.

If I try to capture a baby animal the lag prevent me to capture it is never where I see it. It jump, disappears, to a point where it is impossible to target.

Knocking a thrall is difficult enough and after binding I have to wait 1-2 minutes before it is ready to carry to the Wheel of pain as I do not see the bind message.

Sound is late, rock disappears 10 second after I pickaxed them.

I want to go north and get star metal and black ice but the lag is too great to risk it. I have bee but got kill by a ghost animal that I saw after I was dead.

Can 3515 be set as 3500 ?

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