Server 3732 completely taken over

** we are on a PVE server and my group in particular has been being harassed and sexually harassed by one group. Nobody answered any of our pleas for help so it has come to this. We had signs left in front of our house telling us to bend over and all this other stuff that was very explicit. We need help, now that you guys have ignored this particular group who keeps changing their name for so long. Now they think they can do whatever they want and they have started building around obelisks completely blocking them off I am blocking off the brimstone field. So nobody can make silently Legion or anything else. We have told you their gamer names on PlayStation and we have provided plenty of proof that they are blocking off the entire server. You’ve gotten plenty of complaints from everyone else in this server as well.
We have a new friend that we just started playing with and right off the bat they sent her a threatening message saying she should leave the server and leave our group. They have been trying to tell everyone in the server that it’s our fault that they’ve been doing this but honestly the guy is just mad because we told him know when he wanted to be part of our group. He seemed like a very untrustworthy person and lied and stole from someone in the group already. Ever since that a year ago he’s been harassing everybody that comes into the group whether he knows them or not. This has escalated enough I’ve done YouTube videos about this problem as well thinking that maybe that would get your attention. But it didn’t so maybe you guys just don’t care about this game or your money which is why my group never bought the new version what’s the point. Of course I have a copy of the message that he sent to the new girl but of course this form won’t let me post it and it won’t let me post any of the pictures of them completely blocking off obelisks all you have to do is walk into the server and look around and you will see what they did**

I would save footage and upload to youtube giving the harassing clans info out, bet some youtuber or grieger hunter will take care of it for you.

Please follow the instructions here to report them.

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