Server 6000 and all siptah (Cheaters and undermesh)

Hello everyone. I have been playing Conan for a long time, I really like the game, I have more than 7000 hours of online experience. When the Siptah add-on came out, I was very happy, because I was tired of cheaters and bug-users, I thought that there would be no cheaters and bug-users on the Ciptah. But I was wrong, on the siptah you can build a large undermesh base, you can shoot a bow under water and run under water, you can use a speed hack, and you can also throw out the server. All this happens on server 6000. Currently, cheats use 3 clans, not 1 but 3 clans, it is not possible to play. I and other honest players wrote a complaint 2 weeks ago, but the server is still not stable. I really want the complaint to be considered faster, especially on the servers filled with players. P.S. (every second player on the server runs with a chair in his inventory) I did not expect this from the septah. I believe that the administration is very weak in coping with its obligations, does not properly provide the quality of the product. 2 than they wrote a complaint back and attached screenshots, it’s useless … I ask you to quickly consider the players’ complaint and respond to the problem faster.


Speedhuckers and cheatusink players real big problem in siptah still. Funcom i ask you to take a look for this post as fast as you can, we play this server too


Making public posts like this will solve nothing. You still have a better chance to get an answer if you use the zendesk report tool like everybody else.

We write to zendesk too.


12 people complained to Zenden, the server is still not stable, it is not possible to play. Cheaters have been playing for almost a month, anti-cheat is useless, the administration is inactive …

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Simple and honest truth here, i dunno if i can have an opinion on Funcom’s work, i know justice has it’ s own time, and it’s rarely the time of men. I can say i was wiped yesterday by hackers. The clan Tip Top to be precise, I had a treebase, when my walls started to fall and my thralls started dying, i took off the main elevators to prevent them for going any further. After a 15 minute pause, where i honestly thought i was out of any problems, they started teleporting inside my base, easely destroying everything, also disapearing when i had them conered. Also the other clans went to my rescue, and the server crashed, the hacker clan of course eliminated the rescuers while they were sleeping, very fair play End result is a total destruction of my base, and the loss of much hours of gameplay, i will keep playing, because the game is made like that. But cheaters shouldn’t be the ones to take everything from us. I also know i am not the only victim here. Other clans were wiped. Like i said to Funcom. Too bad the cheaters are freely doing what they want, they destroyed the harmony we had on server 6000, clan alliance and respect, i mean civilisation, a lot of players also quit the server…now we are back to the stone age and that is sad, truly.


Sadly all i can do is to confirm what you can see above. #6000 was one of the most populated siptah servers. Now its dieing to cheaters (they have it all, speedhacks, undermesh, invisibility, fighting under water, and if you get close to them they will crash server and loot you). Ppl are leaving game faster than Funcom can react to it. Its wrong. We payed with our money for official pvp experience without cheats. we really need fast help here, before its too late!


This cheaters change clantag every day, and take name of another clan or players who play on server.

yes Lambert it’s absolutely true, when they raided me the clan name was GGGGGG, almost like another clan from our server, with more g’s. Now they are Tip Top. Who knows what they will be tomorrow.

Six day after massreport, cheaters still not banned. Server was 30+ players, at present moment 12. Cheaters raids all base, crash server when someone go to fight.

two weeks left. no one action, cheaters still play, and all is good for them.

Today admin come. Cheaters was banned. Thx.