Server active Clan data base (Purges)

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After reading some more about how purges work, and the document from Jens still being th go to for mod answers when people have question about it, on line stuck out at me.
Some servers have a clan data base in possibly the thousands by now. And if their meters are full, then they figure into the math of random generation. I know over time the meters will zero out, so most are eliminated.

My suggestion is that a clans highest decay timer piece (decay system tables have to be stored somewhere) should be included in the math. Creating a subset of most active, active, slightly active, and rarely active. The groups should be weighted in the % of purge chance from highest (Most active) to lowest (rarely active). This would reward people who play more regularly with purges ( as the daily peeps would always fall in the higher percentile). There is a chance that a “refresher” clan may fall in the most active on the day they refresh, but that would be a good thing. That means if they got purged, they either were on line and had to play longer than just the 15 minutes to refresh, or got offline purged, and some/all of their structures get destroyed.
Example of grouping.
Most active - decay timer > 108 hrs (35 %)
Active - decay timer < 108, > 72 (20 %)
slightly active - decay timer < 72, > 36 (15 %)
rarely active - decay timer < 36, > 0 (5 %)
non active - decay timer 0–abandoned state (25 %…to clean server if they don’t play)

this would be figured into the algorithm that is being used now.

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