Server admin panel glitch


Apprx 4 months ago I quit the game due to some bug and glitch problems.
I started to play the game 2 days ago but I have noticed that there are more serious problems in the game.

1- Even thought there is no animation on the screen, the rival can beat and kill me.
2- The server create a short pause, pvp mode stops and can not run any farm process

For example, I raided the competitors, when they saw me they turned off pvp and I could not damage their bases and theirselves. Then later, their teammates came and killed me.

It is time wasting even if these guys use the bugs and we have no chance for us to win in the game

I played 1313 offical server , please check server log ‘’ server crash time , pvp or farms on off time log ‘’

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Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and we have been tracking it in a thread into which I merged your initial post.
For future reference, please use the PC Updates and Bugs subforum to report an issue with the game.
Additionally, we had to edit and modify your initial message a bit since it contained some bits that were in breach of our community guidelines. In the future, please refrain from discussing how to reproduce an exploit openly in the forum and inform any of our staff privately. Also, please do not accuse players and share their names, instead contact us privately too.
Thanks :slight_smile: