Server and DLC suggestion

Server suggestion
Due to pvp rebalancing that seem to always be in favor of those who like to offline raid i propose that person servers have an option to balance said items based on server type, rather than just being pvp, pve, and pve-c. Server type should be divided up as pvp, pve and rp servers.

DLC Suggestion
Venerate the Gods DLC Pack: Featuring light, medium, and heavy armor sets representing each of the in game religions. Animal skin specific for each religion. At least 5 placeables specifics to each religion. The ability to convert thrall religion ie. Instead 90% of thralls saying lines mentioning set or gods not in game they make religious comments based on the players chosen religion. More religion specific emotes. Each religion gains a domain specific buff/debuff ie. Ymir ice arrows gives tempeture cooling effect an slow debuff, Derketo item gives healing or decay depending if used on self ally or enemy and so on.

Paintable structure pieces and dyeable placeable like curtains flags and carpets would be nice too just saying.

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