Server became unplayable after update

Rubberbanding and lag spikes after update, also collision detection seems to be detecting things that are not visible. I can’t even just craft in my base because all 3 things make the game unplayable after the update. I never had any of the issues I have now. please fix soon FC.

I’m getting this too! Any fix yet? or will there be soon?

Probably no fix anytime soon… So many things broken with last patch…

Me too. I’ve only had 1 hour of gameplay since the last patch. I can’t even move from my bed due to rubber banding. I’ve been trying multiple times a day to get on as I already lost one of my bases this week due to this problem. I’ve actually been playing since the first week of the preview and this is the worst the rubber banding has ever been. I play on a One S with a super fast optic fibre connection and a family member plays on a One X and has the same problems.

Im on official EU 2011 and I’m in England. My family member has just made a new character and gone on an American server with a 165 ping and is telling me that it’s running very smooth and no rubber banding at all! Official 2503. So is it a problem with certain servers? Our EU ping is around 33. It doesn’t make sense.

Oh sorry!! I just noticed this is a thread for pc!


all good its a issues with the update that was released on all platforms
so its the same issue

I’m on PS4, an unofficial server and I am also experiencing big lag spikes unlike any before and I’ve been playing since the release on console. Definitely seems to be across the board. The game is still playable but very frustrating. Hoping the patch will be patched soon!

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