Server browser and mods

The server browser in the game is sort of… frustrating. Especially with mods in mind as well.
The server browser could use some work, and additional filters

First off; You should be able to filter out Password protected servers.
Seeing as the server browser limits results to 500 results, surprisingly many of those results end up being password protected.
another suggestion I’d like to add to that is being able to filter out official servers.
and while on the topic of filters; search only for servers running mods.

After a vanilla experience with games, I do enjoy fooling around with mods.
I’ll give the devs credit for including mods information in the server info in the browser.
However, how the game handles mods feels clunky at best.

Having to exit the game and start the game back up everytime you make changes to your own mod list becomes a tedium after a while.
Another frustrating thing about server browser in terms of mods would be that the server info only seems to list 10 mods, so if the server in question uses more than that then you are out of luck.
Along with the fact that the client doesn’t auto subscribe you to the workshop mods, nor arrange the mods in the load-order of the server’s.

To make it a better experience I’d suggest;
if you try to connect to a server containing mods, then auto-subscribe the user to the mods the server is running. When the user’s client has successfully downloaded and installed said mods, reload the client with said mods in correct mod load-order.
If the user already have the mods the server is running, make the client reload with the server’s mods in the correct order.
and whenever the user makes changes in the mod menu; Give the user the option of quitting out of the game or have the game reload so that the user don’t have to quit out and start up the game every time there is a change.

I believe these changes would be beneficial for anyone searching for a server to play on, be it with or without mods.