Server browser in Real time please

This suggestion could be a bug report, but i dont know if its intentional or missed by the gui guys.

Make all choices in the search for server window real time.

In the server browser only the complete list is uppdated in Real Time.

Now, this may seem like a minor thing, but now that some servers are starting to reboot without any warning or plan it gets impossible to see when the server is back online without refreshing the whole server list/official list.

History is not RT, shows last playercount.
Favorites, like above.

Our server have been randomly restarting over the weekend, and there is no good way to see if its back online without having to refresh the total list and find your server there.
Official pvp-c 1037
So, some people dont understand this and yell loud that they cant come online even tho the server looks populated, which it isnt.
Example is, our server shows 39 online in favorites/history, but by choosing “official” you can see it dropped to 6 atm.

It is of course at most importance to get online asap, because if your character dies because of server restart the chance is near 100% that your items are lost and the body no where to be found.

It gets tiresome after a while, and just try to understand why.

My guess is that if a player experience this enough times he will leave the game:(
Thats sad and un necessery in my opinion.