Server bullies what to do

Was bullied off a server and was trying to figure out what to do, so every time I was logged off the plan with attack me and white me out was the last time you dated everything trying to blame me for something I never did. Then they started attacking other people on the server is just to get rid of him officers they would rated and just drop the stuff to delete monkey

Without details, all that can be suggested is to join a supportive clan or play single-player. Or try another server.

As I understand things, Funcom doesn’t police servers at all, beyond the most egregious cheating (if ‘caught’).

Without knowing anything about your situation, if you want to play on a server with other people, it might be a good idea to browse the Servers & Recruitment section of the forums to try to find a friendlier (probably private) server and/or clan to join. Sometimes the steam discussion section will also have people networking to find a suitable server/clan.

People can be such jerks. You have my sympathies.

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Play on a private server that had a helpful community and set of rules in place. Otherwise, you’re subject to the wild west on officials. Each option has it’s own set of potential issues.


The server might not be for you, if you do move servers to find another clan to join, just try to be friends with other clans, people don’t usually recruit those who ask to join, I sure don’t. But definitely try to merge with another clan if the issue is unable to be online during all of raid time.

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As lots of people have already said, scout about for a private server with active Admins. Bullies and griefers don’t last long on private servers :smiley: as Admins are always stronger.

Yeah. Don’t go on a server trying to join a clan. If anything play and grind with different no alpha clans. Sometimes the merge happens organically. A lot of clans want to see how hard you grind, how you react to raids, and how consistently you can be on. Once they see that, they will usually invite/protect you if you “pass” the eye test for them

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That’s exactly what we do. You have to Let the merge naturally happen, if everyone likes and trusts each other, it will happen. Don’t try to join an alpha though, We are alpha, and we don’t want people trying to join us. But we do recruit from time to time.

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