Server change plz help

I wish i cod get my siptah char back on siptah bc my char tht was originally on siptah god put on exiled lands after they shut down server change my char was in siptah after i logged bk in the next day my char was put on exile lands i want it put bk on it origin server of 7111 but its stuck on 2960

I wonder if that’s why my game got messed up then and i was stuck on the Respawning Screen, my Character has changed, now I’ve got a guy with white hair and my Smelter is identical to me, I’ve lost all my attribute points, I’m back to square one again, i also got a message what i screenshottes about my attributes etc

If you are on single player its most likely a bug. I had to stop playing single player on ps5, because the only way to sort it out was start all over, just that the same thing happened again couple gaming sessions later.

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It’s a joke, it doesn’t matter whether we’re playing Solo or Multiplayer PVP on an Official Server we shouldn’t be having these problems on any mode we play on, seems like they’ve been going on for a while and they just haven’t bothered to fix them, i feel sorry for those who have bought the Battle Pass and it’s happening to them… bet they don’t mind taking peoples money though, glad Conan was a free download and i didn’t pay for it because then it would have been a waste of money, lets just hope they fix the issues/problems we all seem to be having… and i know what you mean by having to start all over again, it got to a point where i couldn’t play it because it was lagging rrally bad to a point where i ended up unistalling the game, i also had buildings disappearing, loot miraculously vanishing when i closed the application because it was stuck on the Disconnecting From The Game Screen… that’s when i had to start it all over again but withoit going OTT on my builds

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The game is in a very bad state. Unfortunately, FunCom are really bad at communicating with players. There are no “state of the game” or “campfire” as sime other developers have. All we have this cousy place to vent off :joy:
And its a pity, because game fundamentals are pretty good and they have a dedicated fan base

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There used to be but they got toxic fast. Every one that wanted to :poop: on funcom showed up. None of it could be done civilly let alone effectively.

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