Server Closed Indefinitely

Server Closed Indefinitely

Server just added new mods! Love it! Come check them out! :slight_smile:

Hows it goin? i tried getting intot eh server by following the mod list you have posted on here in order but its saying the order is incorrect. Any help would be awesome…looking forward to checking out the server :slight_smile:

I apologize for the wrong mods listed. They have been updated and in the correct order for loading.

We’ve updated the Discord information.

Just added a location to play Blackjack as a mini game. Come check it out!

The community is still growing, yet lots of space to build.

Come join the fray! Everyone’s doing it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Going strong and adding new players regularly!

Join us for the official launch!

Fresh wipe on launch, ready to go!

New kits added through the Pippi mod and more coming. Come check them out!

Y’all pretty hardcore or more casual or what, what kind of players you looking for?

We’re set to the relaxed filter. We got a good group of mature players who just like to chill, build, and enslave some peeps. :):rofl:

Come join us one and all!

Great group of peeps on the server. Looking for more!

The community is still growing, yet lots of space to build.

Just added three new mods. Come check them out!

New kits added using the Pippi Mod. Come check them out!

Chillin’ in game, come join us!