Server crash glitch

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Hello everyone, a major braking game glitch is here on consolle after the latest update.! For now I will not tell how to do it but I want an answer ASAP for when this glitch will be patch… it’s literally unplayable right now on official server .! Every time someone start a raid the server is manually crashed from people.! I will not open a ticket I do it many times and no one ever responded to me… you know what I’m talking about so patch this glitch or I will tell anyone and for Conan on consolle it will be game over…! Peace and love

Maybe because tickets are not for reporting exploits, but rather reporting players and clans using exploits. You might want to try Exploit Hunters:

It certainly sounds like it will be game over if you do that, but perhaps not the way you meant…

Sorry but I don’t know how to do that… I open a ticket like the dude tell me.! We can’t play on official it’s 1 entirely week that at PvP time window the server is always down

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I don’t want to be a di** but this is literally killing the game… on consolle ( Xbox) we have 2 populated official server where we can play because in all other servers the population is 0/40…! And this 2 server where we play at PvP time are always down because of this glitch.! We have to change game from 18.00 to 23.00 because we can’t play

And funcom already knows about that glitch because on pc they already patch it… so I don’t understand why on consolle they release the new patch when they knows there are this major breaking glitch…

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My guess is that it is going to be fixed for consoles on IoS release i.e 27th. I would assume that there will be another parity patch for consoles at that point. Don’t quote me on that though, it is just a speculation.