Server crashed, can’t login back in during purge

Xbox offical PvE conflict server 2509 down, CRASHED IN MIDDLE OF PURGE, lost pets, thrall, and gear more than likely!!! I am completely livid!

Gamertag: The6lackSamurai
Character Name: The6lackSamurai

Religion: Ymir

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Played conan fighting purge
  2. Game crashed
  3. Tried to restart game and log in
  4. Receiving error message “failed to join requested game” followed by “could not connect to server “join session” failed. If this continues to happen try restarting the game”

I have put alot of time into my thrall getting it leveled…i’m at a loss for words.

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This server is still down and has been down several hours. This server seems to go out like this often :confused: hope it is fixed soon!

@Vinson25U sorry about your purge! That sucks… I have extra fighter thralls in a chest if you need some lmk.

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Thank you, though i kind of want my follower back smh i just logged in finally and our base was partially destroyed, alot of thrall and pets were killed including the one (sarnai thorn) i’ve farmed days for to find at buccaneer bay. I truly deep inside hate this game…it has so much potential but how do i feel like i keep playing this game if I’m defenseless to an log in error on their part during a purge…Whats the point of continuing to play if i just gonna lose everything because of a bug on the dev’s side. I wont get what i lost back.

Hello @Vinson25U, thank you for bringing this to our attention and apologies for the situation, we’ll be sure to forward this servers’ logs to the developers to help determine the reason for the server crash.

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@Hugo Thank you for your support, honestly what matters most to me is that follower i had, idk if there is an ability to rewind and bring her back but what’s most important as of now for me. Greatly appreciated!

@Hugo Server official server 2509 just went down again stating “Connection to server lost”…and now not even available for me to select anymore. What is going on with this official server!


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