Server crashes and Fatal Error Reports

I have had a ps4 Exiles server couple months after the game came out. We have experienced crashing but nothing that extreme. Few weeks ago server crashed 7 days in a row got mixed answers one Gportal fixed something did not explain. Then turn off nightly reset. After moving reset time turned it was restarting then crashing later. Then maybe do to error on Funcoms part. Working good again then crashing yesterday I have no clue.


Yeah, my server crash last night midboss battle. That was fun.


For clarity’s sake, is this happening on your private servers rented from G-Portal?


Is it possible to run a own hosted server for ps4?

Mine happened on gportal. From my renter server. When it happened I noticed many servers in the menu had 0 people on them. And when I would refresh - it took about 20 minutes for people to start appearing on some official ones.

Just happened again. Server kicked everyone off.

I know it’s likely a gportal issue, so I’ll contact them in the morning. But I’m also relating it here.


Hey there,

Sorry to hear your server is experiencing stability issues.
If you can spot a specific action that is causing this problem, please let us know. Could you also let us know if your server has a large number of buildings or thralls?

Regardless, as a piece of clarification, server executables have a function where they report to our team if they crash and they send the crash log automatically. We receive them in batches and from there we can collate the data received to help us identify what is causing the problem.

On a positive note, we are working on a significant number of stability fixes and improvements for 2.4.6 and 2.5, where we’ve fixed the most reported crashes collected that way. We still don’t have a specific date for 2.4.6, but we aim to release it sometime this month. It has gone through testing internally and via a closed beta and it’s mostly ready, waiting for the last steps of certification. As for 2.5, it is still being actively developed and will have a longer wait since we aim to first have it on Testlive to collect as much feedback as possible.

Apologies for the frustration until then.


Yes it is. Thanks for the response.


Thanks @AndyB and @Ignasi . It’s good to know we have something to look forward to.


Gportal is the only option for Ps4 do too Sony not wanting to give out proprietary information to set one up due to security reasons. Read this here back in the beginning of the game. @ConanBoDk .

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I had a own g portal hosted server some years ago for an year. There where many game breaking bugs at this time and waiting for fixes. 2 of 12 month where not playable but paid. There was no option to make a pause.

I would like to do this again and It would be nice to do this without g portal like its possible for pc. But read the same that its becouse of security reasons.

The question of Andy surprised me I though maybe it’s possible now.

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There has been a lot of problems with coop I imagine he was wanting to be sure.

Yes private rented server on ps4 via gportal.
Have owned our server for over a year without any issues until recently.

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We average around 20-30 players and can reach 35-40 at events. We have installed a strict building limit which has significantly stabilised our server and has been holding steady with little to no lag issues reported until recently.

There are not many builds as many of our player base have grouped together.

I did notice during yesterday’s crash that the cpu usage spiked then fell to 0.2 before going off completely.

I am happy to post a record of what we’ve experienced and what our players have experienced.


@Vampira246 if I continue to have issues would like you to explain how to make a proper record of events .Hopefully next patch fixes things.

Honestly I just keep my setting to record an hour then go back through it after a crash to see if there was anything that may have triggered it.

I also keep a record of lag spikes and how long they last for.

We had one the other day about 20 mins before our server crashed that lasted 30 seconds before anyone on the server could move then we spent about a min rubber banding.

Just keeping a diary of when things happen means gportal are able to loon through the logs for those specific times and get data that way

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OK thanks I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to the video plus not having social media accounts to speak of.

Thanks for the ongoing updates fellow Exile. It means alot .

Okay so this is the information gportap sent us which is gobbledygook to me lol I am in no was technically minded enough to understand this however…

We discovered a area of the map (infront of a players base) that had become insanely laggy and could not be passed, it looked and felt like we were walking into invisible walls.

This piqued our curiosity as we know hardened steel cages are currently placing as invisible which made us think someone was trolling the aforementioned clan and had placed these cages around the archway to their base.

Fast forward a day (after the server crashes) and we decide to test a theory we summoned Zath (oh my goodness my all time favourite god now) and we proceeded to use the acid attack over the entire affected area.

Immediately we noticed the difference, the leg was gone and you could walk through the area without hitting anything.

On top of that the server hasn’t crashed or experienced major lag spikes since which has lead us to belive these cages may be the cause.

Of course we are not 100% certain as noone has admitted to placing any but its definitely a theory that could be sustained as we were able to destroy/remove whatever was there.

@Ignasi @AndyB

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