Server crashes and unable to login by starting river

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Bug
Region: Starting river
2 of us have tried and when we login to server 3214 and go to the river the game freezes. We then close the game and go to log back in but it either sticks on the loading screen (bar almost full), or logs you in, but if you move it freezes again. Just as a note I tried on and off for around 6 hours (not just trying this as I would have to go on the payroll) until it finally let me in and then froze as I moved.

This really needs to be fixed as it seems to happen to a lot of people over any server.

Repro steps:

  1. Login to new server.
  2. Get to the starting river, then crash.
  3. Try to log in but just sticks at loading.
  4. After trying multiple times to get in, eventually you login and then when you move go back to step 1.

As an update to this, I have since tried another server which seems to have worked so it looks to be a server specific issue (or something which is running on the server at the times). This other server looks to have plenty of noob huts all over the river, so seems to be more stable for all.