Server crashes too often

Wait, what? Dude actually posted that? Wow. What a bad look.

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begins the third day, place your bets will I have an answer today?

Bro, Ignasis is engaging in a bit of banter with a bunch of the community in a post where the whole thread is bantering with him :man_facepalming: You’ve blown it completely out of proportion and context. He is a community manager, He is meant to engage with us, the community and you’re having a stab at him for it???


It is not bad to joke with the community, but serious issues also have to be addressed.

on-board log; Today is the third day and I still cannot see the mainland, I am attached to the table that was floating after the storm, in the middle of this ocean there is only loneliness and emptiness.

on-board log; It is the night of the third day, I am cold, hungry and thirsty, the dark sea makes me feel restless, I feel that they stalk me in the distance but I don’t know what it is.

My moistened body trembles with each blow of the sea breeze, I don’t know how much I can bear hunger and thirst, will I die in this vast sea?

My lady Derketo (@community) why have you abandoned me? Am I not worthy of you? Why have you dropped me in this sea full of predators (bugs)?

20 gold coins cost me the trip to see your miracles, my lady Derketo in dreams you asked me to be more constructive and I swear to you that I try, but even then you do not take me into consideration.

Please, my lady, don’t let me perish here…

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Thank you very much @community after 4 days I already see that this problem is not of your interest.

Popping in to say I’m in a DM with OP and talking details - we’re not 100% certain of what’s happening but wanted to make sure yall know we’re not ignoring the topic :adnybap: