Server crashing again!

Server official 2100 EU on xbox keeps crashing the area is just the river to the south just by a camp and altar. Please fix this is the second night in a row… Not very good for full release. Not sure what it’s like on Ps4 and PC but with only 73 official servers only so only a few just under 3000 people can play. Need more servers and for servers to be fully full stressed test before launch.

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Yea, those 73 servers come nowhere near the amount needed to service all the people who bought a copy of this game!

–> Funcom, if you sold a copy of the game in a fair transaction, you need to leave room on your servers for each person to play, in good faith!


I get crashes all the time in the location your talking about on xbox. the only issue is that i have full gear, then when i get kicked out of the game the server is full and i might take a hour or so to get back in.

so in a nut shell by by progress. may as well have never bothered playing the game today.
worst part its a class game if the servers are stable. (great time playing it a week or so before launch.)