Server Crashing

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash |
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I think they may need a bit more info mate.

Game mode: Online
Problem: Dedicated Server stops/crashes/closes
Region: Dedicated Server - US
Mods: Pickup+

Ever since the hotfix today my dedicated server is randomly stopping. There is no crash, no shutdown, no errors at all. It just suddenly isn’t running any more.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start dedicated server
  2. Play on dedicated server
  3. ???
  4. Dedicated server program is no longer running.

It looks like the server just stops running whenever I pick up a thrall, which is part of the pickup+ mod. The first crash happened when dragging a thrall to the wheel, so it might be more than just the mod.

yes sorry was dealing with server reboots!
seams resetting it 10 times got it sorted out ;/

There seems to be multiple reasons which cause the servers to crash suddenly.

Boss in the Volcano
Forge in the Volcano
1st thrall to be added to a wheel (not had this myself)
Destroying buildings

In addition to these, I’m also getting random restarts whenever someone logs out.

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I too have experienced the crash when a thrall is taken to a wheel be a specific player on my dedicated server. We trouble-shooted for a few hour yesterday and narrowed it down to when a specific player went to place any thrall in his wheel of pain. But other players on the server have had no issue’s putting thralls in wheels. Also have the Pickup+ mod on server.

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Took out the Pickup+ Mod and the server no longer crashes.

I can vouch for the thrall issue. Our server will crash 100% of the time we try and put a thrall onto a wheel of pain. We are in a holding pattern until this is fixed.

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Do you guys have the Pickup+ Mod???

We don’t run any mods. Complete vanilla server.

Where are you getting the thralls from that cause crashes? I’ve heard some people say that thralls from places like the Black Galleon or Sepermeru cause crashes whereas others are fine. Does that seem consistent with anyone else’s experience? My server has players near both these areas and we get crashes when people try to take thralls from them rather often. Other small outposts seem fine but I’ve not done enough testing to confirm this.

I really hope the Pickup+ mod isn’t the culprit. I’ll not play the game if I can’t move stuff around on my PvE server.

There’s too many PvP-centric restrictions for anyone who isn’t playing for that. Frankly, not being able to ■■■■■■ up these bum thralls is bothersome, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: The word I used that’s edited out isn’t even primarily a curse word. I don’t get the filtering here. Imagine a word that means to quickly grab up or move around.

Interesting. Because it wasn’t until I took out the Pickup+ mod that the player on the server was able to put thralls into the Wheel without causing a crash. These thralls were from N’batu’s lookout, and Sharptooth’s Passage.

Now we have a different server issue. Where the server seems to get extremely laggy. NPC’s (Humanoid, and creature) running or standing in place not attacking. Picking up resources taking long periods of time to register, and then an inevitable players disconnected from the server. So instead of the server stopping, it is now just kicking players all at once and still running. :frowning:

All the thralls that we pulled that crashed our server came from Sinner’s Refuge.