Server decided it wanted my stuff

Server lags so hard I can seem to be unable to move for some time. I then briefly see myself dying in the lava before the server kicks me.
Cant get back in, ‘can not authenticate’. Some time later lets me back but its so laggy I cant really move at all. Randomly die to…maybe a hyena…kicked off server. Appear in desert. Reboot computer and check internet…all seems good.

By the time the server stops lagging up a storm my body is gone. Lost 8 legendary’s, 10 Legendary Kits, Black Blood tools, etc…

Not pleased.


Honestly just from your report it seems your ping with the server you’re speaking about is very high, near the limit (if you’re kicked) or just the server has problems (if the server crashes).

Wich could to have a lot of reasons, starting from actions taked by players to every kind of connection problems.

But what you exposed is too little to understand precisely what’s the problem in that case.

The can’t back in because “cannot authenticate” problem for example I had one time, and it was dued to Steam client unable to connect with steam without any apparent reason (internet worked just fine for everything else) for 3 hours.

I was the only one online at the time. The server would not even show up on the list a couple of times as I was trying to log back in. So I assume it was the server side having trouble and maybe even completely crashing a few times.

yep, it seems to be best explaination of what happened

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