Server desync auto killing players on login after

Hi we are having the issue with our base not loading and then client seems to desync.

Server: official 1506
Location: Outside main entrance of New Asgard

This will occur after about couple of hours of play and we cannot log back into and get a fully rendered base until the server resets and we log on the next day.

If we re- log and its rare that we get past the loading screen that same day that it happened the game has killed us and we spawn naked at our last spawn point with no markers as to where our dead bodies are.

This also happens to the player who gets desynced and logs in the next day you arrive but naked into the world at you last spawn point. So far this has cost payers in the clan approximately 400 star metal bars to rebuild their gear 4 sets of epic pictish chieftain armor, one set of silent armor plus two handed sword and a set of epic heavy Armour and epic pictish armor in the last three days. because one you get desynced you will end up dead when you can get back in after a server reset.

You know the desync is happening when you arrive at the base and it fails to render. Clan members will then have to ruin to a smaller base store their stuff in crates and set the spawn point for the smaller base.

Problem with this work around is without the stability the clan members are no longer investing time in rebuilding their stuff they lost. The clan has been on the server since it opened right after beta. They members experiencing this and I have had it happen to me as well basically are saying this is the worst instability they have seen in game since they started the beta.

Repairing files does not work
Powering down the computer and starting it up again does not work
Logging into another official server and coming back on to the server we play does not work. We can log into another server fine but relogging into our main clan server does not happen.

It get frustrating having to build an emergency log out base and having to wait for the server to reset to play again.

This kills what we can do with our available time. We came back to play some of the new content most of us aside from two have been away for a year. This does not make it easier for us to play the game when this bug and some of the older bugs are still around.

Stuff on the server we left behind a year ago like guarding pets at a base in the Savannah we actually found alive yesterday even though the building and contents decayed a year ago, these rhinos were still kicking

I thought server stability was dealt with if I recall reading about their patch to deal with buildings and thrall size limits.

Anyone else have this issue of desyncing and auto killing the character?

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