Server dev looking to optimize network code

i’ve been playing conan for a bit now and have really enjoyed it. one major issue has always been network load and reloading of objects

as a server dev (25+yrs), i was wondering if the network code used by conan exiles is open source or based on something that was open source so i could examine for potential improvements / optimizations


I would hunt down the Conan modding community forum where ever they are hiding.

I guess it’s all inside the UE4 code.

Maybe the documentation helps:

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mods are at a different level than the network layer.

kind of what i figured.

i was hoping they might be sitting on the UE4 engine to synchronize the landscape/game objects

i’ve also heard it suggested the network code used by servers, which i believe is the same as the local client, is single threaded. if true, this just boggles my mind

I was suggesting that people in the mod community might know the answer.

the modders i’ve spoken to pointed me towards the code being single threaded. which needs to be fixed. unfortunately, that’s not something you could modify with a mod.

Otherwise, unfortunately, there are currently no job openings for server developers on Conan Exiles. However, one may still open (again) in the (near) future.

And, on that note, they have created a job opening for a Senior Network/Server Programmer working on Dune a few days ago if that’s a thing you’d like to do (completely off-topic though… :man_shrugging: ).

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