Server disconnects shortly after a Purge lvl 5-7 starts

Platform: Steam

Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name:, G-portal
Mods: Improved QoL; Emberlight; Glass Construction; Ancient Civilization; Thrall Wars Decoration; Better Thralls; Thrall War Dungeon Mod; Valkyrian Arsenal & More (VAM); VAM Addon; Unlock Plus; LBPR - Additional Features

Bug Description:

Logifile critical error server DC.txt (684.0 KB)

The server desyncs and disconnects 10-20 seconds into a Purge. Happens every time, regardless of the Purge level and location on the map. After the dc, any treasure outside the coffer has to be re-positioned to count towards total wealth, and all siege weapons lose their ammo. Sometimes thralls turn up dead too. Has been happening to our server for 2,5 weeks now.

I have checked all the mods, they are validated and in the correct loading order.

Bug Reproduction:

Logifile critical error server DC.txt (684.0 KB)

Easily reproducible, you only need to trigger a Purge and start firing Noxious Gas arrows or just wait till a wave has spawned fully. Has been tested both with and without mods. Has been tested after “Repair server”, “Load backup” and after validating game files through the client. Appears to be the same kind of error many players had reported as far back as 2023, also with regards to being dc’ed during a Purge.

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