Server down, buggy plantlife, buggy thrall tier change

Official Server #6444 went down as of 4/24/2021 1:00am attempted to alert zendesk but the site is having some difficulties when submitting a ticket. Also the plant life on the island of dusk seems to be intangible. Its there but cannot be harvested. Lastly some of the newer thralls post patch have been switched from named down to tier 2 or 3 in several instances with players across my server.

i have similar problem with 2 t4 smelters, which now switched and are t2 Stygian smelters

Everyones been kicked from my server twice in the last 15 minutes. Getting killed out here.

Both now and yesterday the server has disconnected everyone within it and has gone down. Getting riskier and riskier to travel everyday.

Down again, kicked entire server out.

Once again, down. Everyone kicked. Can we get no assistance with this? Heres a log of the occurence

Random and brief daily now.

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You should submit a ticket to ZenDesk, they are the ones handling official server issues:


As yo can see in my first message - tried that. You make a habit of saying that for a response quite often. Might want to read first.

Today our ping rate has caused everyone in the server to experience increased ping rate drops all simultaneously.

Fair enough but if everyone is experiencing the same issues as you are saying then at least one of those people should be able to submit a ticket to the people who can actually help i.e. ZenDesk.

Furthermore, what kind of issues are you experiencing exactly with the site? It might have been temporary unavailable for one or another reason the one time you tried to use it but it surely works fine now.

Yep you are exactly right. There was a problem with the submisson form. It was missing the underside entirly where submit should have been. The problem was resolved and after a 2nd attempt with zendesk the ping was also fixed as well.

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