Server down or wut?

Is something going on with the server or the patcher? When I click on the AoC icon on my desktop, it starts running without the patcher, just move me into the game and all I see is a blank space, no letters. The slots on which were written words like “Exit”, “Log in”, “Options” etc are now empty. I cant even start the patcher manually because it ports me to the logging screen anyway.

Are you still having trouble starting the game? I’m not experiencing any issues connecting to or utilizing the patcher at this time.

If the patcher is getting “skipped” when using your regular desktop shortcut, you might try starting the game from PatcherSetup.exe in your Age of Conan installation folder. The default location for this folder is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Funcom\Age of Conan, but may be different depending on your personal setup.

Thank you for a quick answer, Rooibos.

I was trying to run the Patcher from the AoC folder but it did not help. I found out that LocalConfig.xml file disappeared and therefore nothing worked, weird stuff :slight_smile: