Server empty but errored to being full Official

Title. Server is empty but will not join with “full” error.

When it happens to me, server is actually full and it’s the server list that shows false 0. Are you sure it’s empty?

It’s a bug with the GUI. The server isn’t really empty.

Here’s how to reproduce it:

  • Open the server list and let it fill up until you see one of the servers from your favorites.
  • Wait to make sure that the server shows its population.
  • Change the filter from “Internet” to “Favorites”.
  • When the list repopulates, the server will suddenly show 0 players.

The server browser really, really, really needs fixing.

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This issue hurts the game more than it seems. There’s like 25k people playing right now according to steam charts, and all the servers show 0. Get into any random 0 server to lookup player count and it will be at least 20 people. But I keep seeing posts everywhere that all the servers are empty and no one plays the game. Sucks.

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