The Rumbling

Date & Time: Saturday 05/08/2021 @ 1 pm CST!

Event Description:

Marcellus Scipio, the retired gladiator has opened his gates to his arena. Wishing to cause chaos.

OOC Information:

Fool’s Paradise is hosting a 3 part arena brawl. The details are as followed…

Part I

• ⁠Free for All - All those participating will take their place inside the arena. Last one standing takes the reward!

Part II

• ⁠2 vs. 2 - Team sign up with solo pairing available for those that do not have a partner. Will be a tier system. Last team standing wins!

Part III

• ⁠1 vs. 1 - Tier system. Will be paired by levels. There will be a first, second, and third place reward.


Free for All - $10 Steam Gift Card

2 vs. 2 - $25 Steam Gift Card each

1 vs. 1

• ⁠1st Place $50 Steam Gift Card
• ⁠2nd Place $25 Steam Gift Card
• ⁠3rd Place $15 Steam Gift Card


  1. ⁠Sign Up - Is done via server discord. Please sign up for all or/and a few.
  2. ⁠Level - Minimum level to participate is 150
  3. ⁠Weapons & Gear - will be provided at the event
  4. ⁠RP - This is an IC event. There will be lore released for the event and therefore we expect players to follow RP etiquette. If you lose, play as injured etc.

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