Server glitched, can't load in

Was waiting for 200 Composite Obsidian to proc when respawns appeared at the Volcanic Forge, I went to kill them, after a few hits the screen froze mid-battle. Several minutes later I had to restart my pc, task manager, nothing would close the game …

I can load other servers just fine, but not this one - 1582. I was alone on the server and it showed 1 person in game for an hour … my ghost? It’s 0/40 now but it’s still the only server I cannot load into.

Wait for the auto-restart and lose everything I was carrying is the usual answer I am guessing?

I have almost 1400 hours and there’s nothing so unsatisfying as losing everything to a glitch. I don’t know how you guys with 3k hours do it … do you hate yourselves and want to suffer? I’m sick of it. I want my stuff back.

Still can’t get in, looks like I have a naked respawn at the base waiting for me after the restart.

… and I just loaded in and everything is ok. Weird, but I am thankful.

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