Server has been maliciously attacked for a week 555555555555

Server has been maliciously attacked for a week

Unable to log in ~ please pay attention

The buildings are going to rot.

Official help

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Thank you. I have filled in 5 copies of this form. I submitted it last week. There is no feedback

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Anyone else here form that server. or maybe folks should go visit and report back,
One ant cant do much, but the colony can.

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The Asian market is a huge group. If you don’t pay attention to your players, it’s official

Accumulating word-of-mouth is the best way of marketing. It is short-sighted and doesn’t attach importance to players. It should not be the main theme of an enterprise. We hope that the company will pay attention to and strive to overcome these problems and respond in a timely manner


All asia pve-c server still invalid! And there’s haven’t any feedback from this forum or official email!