Server high popularity lock camp official PVP for sure

i have a simple question.
how when you coming paid for game you go on server where lot of clan OK, but how explain that clan lock access or respawn of lot of camp.
how can play in this condition or level up ?
is perma kill, perma run, perma loot
lol ok barbarian world but…
is quasi impossible play a challenge i think
& i invite team on #1200

You pay for the right to use the game, funcom intellectual propriety, official servers are a gift, a courtesy. You don’t pay for official servers.

I assume you’re italian from the “quasi”, so:
Paghi per il diritto di usare la proprietà intellettuale di funcom nel senso del gioco, gli officiali sono una cortesia.
Tant’è che non si paga per usare i server ufficiali.

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