Server ___ is not playing on any server

Hi im having trouble with the dedicated server. I used the dedicated server tool to make my own server, port fowarded every ports but i have this error log when my friends trying to join

[2020.10.25-08.28.03:158][934]LogServerStats: Sending report: exiles-stats?players=0&=23.27%3A33.42%3A98.53&uptime=600&memory=5783175168%3A17108086784%3A4714127360%3A4715356160&cpu_time=2.911696%3A23.293571&npcailods=0%3A0%3A0%3A6411&buildingailods=0%3A0%3A0%3A0&placeableailods=0%3A0%3A0%3A4&ipv4=____&sport=7777

And also when they try to connect through steam server list, it said that “Server__ is not currently playing on any server”

Any suggestions ?

Hey there,

I see you have already found the Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.3.1 / Beta: -----) thread. This is the main thread for Dedicated Server Launcher issues :slight_smile:

I have moved your thread to the Conan Exiles forum. Your thread seemed to have ended up in the Moons of Madness forum.

This is not an error msg. This is a msg that shows how long the server has been up, how many players online, memory usage, etc.

If not mistaken, SteamAPI is disabled and you won’t be able to join from that list, you need to either find the server in the in-game server list or direct connect to it with the IP: Game Port again from the in-game server list.

In addition, if you are hosting the server yourself in your local network, you will need to use the internal ip and your friends the external.

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