Server Issue - Players cannot join

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Online Private.
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South America

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People cannot joing my Private server, when a player try to connect i got this mensage on the DS screen: SlotServerRatingRequestTimedOut: Rating request timed out with error 12.
The test por acessbility test shows all ports okay, i have installed xammp to see if my DMZ is working fine and it is.
The server shows up on the server list, but people cannot join.

Server name on server browser: [7x][BR] BattleGrounds +LvL300 +PVP/E/C +Kits +AoC #2

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  1. Download the Dedicated server launcher, config the server and press the turn on button.
  2. Tried on 2 machines, both got the same error.
  3. Windows 10 Machines, updated, firewall deactivated.

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