Server lags every 15 minutes? Disable network logging by default!

We have a client that runs a server with 10-20 players online almost constantly. Exactly every 15 minutes they all notice a huge lagspike, lasting for about 30 seconds or so.

After much troubleshooting, this issue is apparently caused by the server logging way too much network information by default. Every 15 minutes the server log is spammed with 3000-5000 lines of information about how many bytes were used on which parts of the game

Disable network logging entirely. Paste the following to \ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Engine.ini


I can’t wrap my head around why network logging needs to be enabled by default. It looks to be more relevant when debugging issues. Could it please be disabled by default?

@Funcom_Community HI there, it could be nice to have a dev answer on this one.

Can we do this for dedicated server ?
What will be impacted ?

Yes, that change should be made on the dedicated server. Sorry if I wasn’t specific.

As far as I know, this setting is only related to logging. It just means much less information in the server log.
I’ve tested with 2 clients now, and both say they aren’t experiencing any real lag anymore.

thank for awsner, but it would be bettter if dev can confir that if we switchoff this setting it will not break game

It won’t break anything. It’s just a logging feature.