Server list shows modded servers included [x] as default listing


It would help the game greatly in my opinion if the server list that comes up defaults to showing in addition to regular non modded servers, the modded servers as well.

In my opinion the modding community provides a vital aspect to Conan Exiles - keeping it exciting and dynamic - and it’s a gold mine of ideas for the devs (if they choose to do the same thing as part of the game, frankly I would find that flattering if Funcom devs used my mod ideas & work as an example for real game content).

Also, in my opinion gamers new to a game will try to get online ASAP, like it was a race, an Olympic event. They want to see what the online community is like and what’s the game play like for them - if the ping is OK, if the people online are OK, etc. Because of this I believe a large portion of Conan Exiles people get started and invested in a non-modded server (like an official server) and can miss a really fantastic part of the game - support for fan add ons, mods, which can enhance online play and make the environment really amazing with exactly what the player is looking for in style of play.


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