Server Listing Gone Wrong

So, I’ve mostly cleaned up Ulfhedinn and UlfhedinnToo after Survival Servers forced a new host address. However, I keep getting the servers listed as PVP but the intent is to make them PVE-C. PVP is turned on, pvp times of day are specified, and building damage is turned off.

I’ve downloaded the serversetting.ini with WinSCP and can’t determine what other setting might toggle the server to the right gameplay ID in Funcom’s server listing format. I looked at CombatModeModifier=0 as potentially the setting, but other than that, can’t figure it out.

My apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but I’ve spent a good portion of yesterday and this morning googling the problem and have come up empty handed. Any constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

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NM, found it, CombatModeModifier=1 is the setting for PVE-C.

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