Ошибка входа на сервер (выделенный) Server login failed (dedicated)

Всем привет. Возникла такая проблема, после обновления я с другом играл кооперативно, все было хорошо. Друг является хостом сервера.2 сентября играли все было хорошо, днем 3 сентября мы не смогли зайти из-за ошибки, друг не видит меня в игре (в списке друзей самой игры, там пишет что я оффлайн хотя я в игре) а через приглашение в лобби Стима, я не могу зайти так как выскакивает ошибка. Что делать с этим?

Hi all. There was such a problem, after updating with other games cooperatively, everything was fine. The friend is the host server.

On September 2, everything was fine, on the afternoon of September 3, we could not log in due to an error, a friend does not see me in the game (in the list of friends of the game itself, it says that I’m offline at least I’m in the game) I can’t log in because it pops up error. What to do with it?
error conan
error conan2

Greetings qwertyChannel!
Thank you for reporting this situation regarding the displayed error message.

In order for our team to properly assess the situation could you first give us the following information please:
1 - Is your internet connection WiFi or LAN?
2 - Are you playing in a private or Official server?
2 - In case you are playing on a private server, are you perhaps using mods?

We’ll be waiting for your reply qwertyChannel!

LAN (just a cable connection to a computer)
Played on a private server that traded through “joint play”
We have disabled all mods and have been playing without them for a long time.

Maybe more information is needed. We are both with Russia, with different cities, the difference between the distance between us is huge. All was good. It’s the same problem as him and me. We can play one series ourselves.

Thank you for your reply qwertyChannel!

In that case, we would recommend you to delete the modlist.txt and servermodlist.txt files inside
Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods
Additionally, please unsubscribe to all mods if as well.

Let us know if this fixes your issue qwertyChannel!


And hello again, dear HighSaint.
What if I don’t have a mod folder? I unsubscribed from everything on Steam in the workshop.

Some more information. In the list of friends in the game, I see my friend online, he also says that I’m offline, although I’m currently running the server through the game.

Regarding your advice, it helped us, we were able to come in and play :slight_smile:

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