Server looking for builders!

Kingdom of Ruins is looking for building aficionados to aide in bringing our dream server to life.
We are a very diverse 60 lot server with active players from all over the globe with experience in Conan Exiles ranging from two years to two days. Harvest x5 All & 4 factions are blessed with safe zones as their own epicenters of peace but chaos reigns beyond their hallowed walls. We are looking for builders intent on lending their own vision to the map and community. We run a great mod list of the best content from the Steam Workshop.
Our goal is to create a persistent PvE/PvP/MMO experience.

Phase one of achieving is dream is building RP safe-zones, markets, dungeons and arenas.
During this phase all server settings are configured to promote leveling while harvesting and crafting.
In-Game Starter kit for building.
Player XP Harvest Multiplier x 5
Player XP Craft Multiplier x 2

For more info contact:
Kingdom of Ruins
ShamuelJackson#2201 Or InToxicatedSoulz#5942


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check the share your shelter thread for builders

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