Server Merge cancelled again?

Did they cancel the merges again? it was supposed to happen on our server on Monday, we just demoed most of our stuff to pack up and be ready to move and now the message is gone, again!

Which server? Maybe this:

Nope isn’t either of those. Did they cancel any others or is there an official announcement I missed?

Which server are you playing on, @Deleritas?

I was wondering the same thing. We demoed most of our stuff as well, and the same thing happened to us. There is no longer a message when you log in regarding the merge and people are able to transfer in. We are on 6106.

According to the server merge page, #6106 is to be merged with #6107 on May 9th.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, we did know that the servers were going to be merged on the 9th. We have been keeping up with that server merge page. What we think happened is that they temporarily paused the merge settings. As of today the settings are back and the message about the merge is back up when you log in.

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