Server Merge suggestion

Hello! the server merge has kind of been a bit of a game ender over on my server. I think it would go a really really long way if you allowed people from server merges to “Transfer now to target server with unlimited encumberance” rather than having us wait indefinitely. The minute you said our server was going to merge, everyone stopped playing because there’s no point to do anything because we’re still capped on what we can bring over (by inventory size). And a lot of these people have moved on never to return. Now that you keep moving the goal post, i have less and less reason to log in and earn stuff I cant keep.

I just want to play your cool game with all the cool stuff i have. :slight_smile:


I loved your cool finishing m8, Welcome to the forum :+1:t6:.


Ikr, lol the merge was pushed back in my server lol and then… finally now the day has arrived and guess what!? I cant even log in, due to " online features are not available". :rofl:

Umm what? The server project has been delayed as they tweak some things on their end. Last merger was on the 15th and now all others are back accepting transfers and new characters until the tweaks are done. Are you playing Playstation? The update on Playstation has created havoc on identifying PS Plus membership…which means all online games are throwing errors up.

what if you just increased our encumberance to like 99999999 (putting a full inventory well under 100%) and just let us transfer ourselves? :smiley:

Some might use alts as body vaulting beyond the limit and never will touch it. They should implement so that the thralls all transfer with no gear to outside map and you have to rescue them.into your new place. Also uplift the rescue cooldown