Server Merges? When and Who?

Figure at some point (probably sooner then later) we are going to lose some of the official servers. Do you have a plan ready for that, and if so could we get a hint about how it’s going to go down?

I hope that official servers will disappear totally one day.
So we will have the forum free from ranting posts about them and their population and the lack of moderation, etc…

You may be over thinking this. This is not an MMO. It’s not like a Wow or even a phone MMO. So mergers may not be in a plan.

And if a merger occurred, how would it work? You couldn’t exactly be biased and say one server is the host and gets to keep structures and the other doesn’t. And you can’t have 2 groups occupying the same space yet we have limited locations and people will build in similsr locations.

So do you instead say level and gear is kept and we all start in the desert? And you’d have mad rushes based on who could carry and plan what ahead of time. That may also cause problems.

Or you keep level and feats but no gear and it still may be a mad rush. And at some point, you might as well merge and wipe but that will drive people away too.

So i’m just not sure the idea of server mergers mesh with the survival concept of the game.

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