Server Mod Order Help, yet another mod order post

So server mods are as follows. I have no idea if the crashes we are suffering are because of funcom or this load order. So I’m wondering if people with more knowledge of conan modding can offer their advice.

  1. Pippi
  2. Savage Wilds 1.1.90
  3. Emberlight 3.2.3
  4. RA: Fantasy Extension
  5. RA: Character Customisation
  6. Immersive Armor (vers. 5.5.4)
  7. SlaverMod1.17d
  8. ExilesExtreme - v1.5.11
  9. Dudes Delightful Decorations
  10. Northern Timber 2.3.4
  11. Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.4.9
  12. Barbarian Barber [vers. 3.5.2]
  13. Improved Quality of Life 3.4.2
  14. Fashionist v4.2.2
  15. Savage Steel
  16. Savage Steel vol II
  17. CAS
  18. Devious Desires
  19. Better Thralls v1.9.14
  20. Indrid’s Custom Races and Classes
  21. Thrall War Dungeon Mod
  22. Thrall War Decorations
  23. Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.2.9
  24. Roleplay Redux

Thank you ahead of time for your help.

I am not familiar with some of these mods but the order looks fine to me. I would probably move IQoL a bit lower.

Thanks, that one change seemed to have help out quite a bit, is the a community list anywhere?

I would move Unlock Plus below LBPR.

That would not cause crashes. I am not familiar with 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 17, 18, 20 mods. Slightly familiar with 13, 22 but currently do not have it on my servers.

I would check the mods I listed above to see if there is an issue with any of those since I know the others are working at least where they haven’t caused any crashes that I am aware of.

I typically bunch the same type of mods together, but its not required of course unless a mod has certain instructions of placement over another.

Pippi, Building Mods, Deco Mods, map additions mods, feature mods. Is pretty much my main setup. Savage Wilds does not have a particular mod load order. I placed it on the bottom but that was just me.

This is my last stop, unlike other games, a lot of mods in conan do not seem to talk about load order at all. Aside from what you mentioned above I haven’t seen anything talking about mod grouping at all. That was one of the first things I looked for.

Just shooting from the hips here. So thank you for at least giving me a target :slight_smile:

No stead fast rule on my set up. I just prefer it that way and haven’t had any issues on the most part. Exception might be a mod like Lemurian Architect which needed to be below certain other mods to work, Other mods sometimes are like that as well.

Below is a helpful tip from Multigun


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