Server performance and quality of life wishlist video series

I started putting together a short series of videos of stuff that either needed to be fixed, or was a wish list of stuff to add. Some of them are really simple, like fixing tooltips, because there’s a couple different standards and how stuff is displayed. It’s like some of the older stuff in the game has one version and newer content has another version and it needs to be streamlined, every work on some of the tools oh, some of the building pieces, some of the food system needs to be updated for thralls it’s super outdated. Also some additions like adding additional filters, but everything that I’ve recommended has server performance in mind it would not put any additional load on the server. And in all reality might even prefer perform server performance significantly.

I played on a private server in a public server in the past, and even though public servers are brutal I prefer that experience over a private server. The private servers are just too sterile and boring.

I’m not trying to be a YouTuber. I’m just trying project my ideas, in a format where I can get my ideas across, and develop some technical skills. So any feedbacks or critique is welcome. Definitely like getting into the weeds on a lot of this content. But remember server performance in and quality of life changes are always my first priority.

I apologize for the first couple of videos the audio is not quite dialed in. It took me around 10 videos to get my audio where I wanted it. Everything’s unscripted, and sometimes I ramble and rant. But it helps convey the idea in the message

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