Server Ping Connectivity Issues - Request for IP List for Officials

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Connectivity
Server type: PvP
Region: Americas

Good Day,

Is it possible to either get a direct IP list for Official servers or something along those lines? Previously, we could use BattleMetrics or similar lists, but since the update to use a ‘Funcom ID’ Battlemetrics does not seem to add servers that were not present before.

My issue is that Isle of Siptah maps are much higher ping in most cases than other maps, all above the threshold of 200 ping. There does not appear to be no-ping official PvP maps for Siptah at present, but we used to be able to bypass the ping requirement using direct connections, but we cannot obtain the IP address at present for the new servers.

I’m on a 200/50 Mbps wired connection, I’m just located in spot where we have some latency. I have about 10 servers where I have a level 25 or lower because I cannot reliably access a single one consistently.

You can try this:

In addition, if you are quick enough to select favourites as a filter before the list starts populating, you usually get good ping.

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