Server Ping-Gamebreaking BUG (Building system)

So here we are.

Me, and a few friends were playing on an official server today, and all of a sudden the server just lagged out multiple times. We were perplexed. So, after some evaluation we came to the conclusion that the new building system is lagging out the server with the “checksum feature” when upgrading a t1 build to a t3 build. We came to this conclusion when we were doing a test tower, and also found out that the higher we build from the land, the more it takes on the server performance to do a check sum. The ping was going from 88 to 1200+ each time there was one upgrade to a piece.

If anyone else can validate this let me know here. Also, if there is already a post on this will you please show me the post for this topic? If not feel free to address your concerns here so Funcom can get a handle on this right now. This was just a couple of us figuring out what caused the problem, well, now imagine if there were like 20 people building high, and what kind of affect that it could have on a server.



@Funcom Please don’t limit people building, and please fix that actual issue. I have seen companies do this. I am not saying that you guys would, but it isn’t hard to see what narrow path that could lead to. Thank you, and I hope this feedback has helped you with your development process in the long run.

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