Server Ping stuck at 1020, FPS 2 (suspect someone using exploit tools to bug the server)

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Region: [Japan]

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  1. Server constantly having high ping at 1020, FPS 2
  2. Grit / Stamina will not generate
  3. Constantly getting kicked from server

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  1. reports have been submitted for many times, but the lags keep return.

This issue has been reported for some time, but has not been improved.
There is no report to us why this is happening.
We endure every day.
Thanks for addressing this issue

me too. #1326
We are in trouble.
please help me…

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1101 same




Hey @Skymoon

Our team is aware of some current issues that can be exploited to gain this effect and is working on a fix.
Should you have any suspicion of foul play, you can report players or clans by sending a DM to either me or @Hugo providing proof against the players being reported.


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