Server population size

They are too small what is it 2-3 weeks since launch and we’ve already taken over our server with our allied Clan and now there’s no pvp, We’re bored, i’m not sure if it’s the lack of Skill in the players or the small server limits but this game is too easy to dominate. if the server had a limit of 70-100 maybe it would have more of a challenge but 40 is so small. build a better system with less servers and higher population,

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Now you can fight each other with the allies. No matter how big the server is, the “alphas” always get bored eventually after pushing everyone away.

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Maybe you over hunted people and drove everyone off the server?

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This game needs to be free as well it’s never eve
Hit 100,000 a month they need to just make money off dlc and accept the fact it’s not going to get any better than this . No Survival game is free and it’s the reason why they re all dead. They have to take a look at fortnite and see why it’s so successful and put their pride away. I would have never EVVER BOUGGHT THIS GAME I got it when it was free from PS4 and played it ever since and I have a list of people that got it free that play. People need to try these types of games out before buying them
That’s why make money off dlc make it free all the servers will fill up and eventually it will filter out the weak and bring out the strong clans that wanna learn and pvp

Try conserving your prey instead of hunting them to extinction. Having an allied clan means a potential 20 vs 1? Good hunting…

Ohh yep, it is too easy for the semi pro players to dominate, so casuals like myself never get a look in. I like to solo, so PVP servers without role-play are a no go for me. Still I am a PS4 player also so can not even play the new map anyway. Hopefully it will be released before the new year as I fear for numbers in the mean time. I was hooked when I started with the PS plus free-ness. I have bought DLC’s so that money they would never have got from me also.

Free? People and companies don’t crank out games for free. Conan often goes on sale where it is a paltry $15. Plus they often offer free weekends where the game pulls in a lot of new players.

They are all dead? Hardly… Ark and Rust for have been in the top 20 steam games for years. Conan has consistently been in the top 100 for 2.5 years. Often after updates Conan goes in the top 50 steam games.

None of these survival games are dead.

There are many reasons Fortnite is more successful so don’t make the mistake thinking it is exclusively because it is free to play. Fortnite is a Battle Royale game, a different genre. More people prefer those games as they don’t require a huge time investment. There are other BR games like PUBG that still charge for their game and are similarly successful. So free to play model is not always the key.

Not to mention that the majority of the F2P game are heavy P2W with their cash shops. Very few games are F2P and maintain cosmetic cash shops (e.g PoE).

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Have you seen the server list? There’s only 2 servers at max capacity and the rest are basically dead lmao, when I first started which was when it was free on PS4 there was over 20 servers full for 2 months before it died again. Not to mention I would have never ever paid for it lmao given the fact that not everyone is going to be into survival games like myself at the time before I tried it. If people actually try it more of a chance they will get hooked . No ones paying point blank period I know cause majority of PS4 community came from when it was free so imagine if they kept it free

Log into a server that’s already too small and immediately make allies. Wonder why every “alpha” clan needs to have 20 people in it to succeed… hm…

From the last stream it is rumored that official servers will soon get an upgrade to player limit. Private servers can now have up to 200 players on them. I already saw a private server with player cap of 160, so it’s happening.
As far as free to play is concerned, not too long ago Conan Exiles was un upcoming free title on Epic Store. Who knows, maybe we’ll get another chance at that deal.
It was also completly free to keep forever on PS4 for a limited time.
I think Conan Exiles is moving in that direction, but it needs more time. Getting ready for a free to play re-launch of the game will require lots of new servers and a larger moderation team.

If you played only official servers, you only experienced 30% of the game. There’s alot of private servers with lots of good content, different pvp rules and communities to join, which will give you the challenge you’re looking for and a player population for your liking.

Best regards.

If it is a lack of skill in the other players, how many did you help? How many of those players did you show where to get gear, what works and what doesn’t, how to improved their PVP gameplay? If the answer is none or single digits then stop complaining - you caused your own boredom. Maybe next time be the clan that see someone’s weakness and helps them fix it, that way you might find better players long term to play against.

To be fair, most private pvp servers (ps4 eu at least) are total bs. Almost all of them have keep on death or abusive admins. There are a few good ones but that’s it

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