Server problem, 1020 pings 2 fps (this is getting ridiculous)

its getting more and more frequent. and it seems its not being handle by funcom or gportal, this problem started with the mount update, (could be a coincidence but i doubt it)

Funcom , Please we beg you , grab our logs, check whats going on, and have them go in and fix it.

!, log in
2 see how the server lags and becomes not responsive,
3 chat seems to work ok during these lag spikes that can last up to half an hour, then it comes ok , and a few minutes later it comes back.

Please Help!


So I just want to say from my experience.
And Pardon for my grammar 'casue I’m not native.

Before my friend and I move to the official server #1930-PVE(American server) with no ping
We were playing in asian official server#1326-PVE.

The reason we “immigrant” was because there were some Chinese guys who, accordingly to one of the experienced Japanese in game told me, use the accelerator addons.

For what I can dig up, the accelerator addon could make the user playing in really high speed. But make the server’s ping so high that the other player would start to lag, progress backward ,etc.

How do I know those Chinese guy did that? rahter than just the server crowded with people cause the lag?
Well there was one time that the only people on the server were that rumored addon using Chinese clan and me. And It was still lagging with high ping. And for days my friends and I could not do anything because of that high ping. that’s why we immigranted.

Anyway. Today, the server in #1930-PVE have the similiar situation.
I’m not saying it must be the Chinese guys in the server use that. but it’s some clue that the dev should probably look into.

And remember this post in Steam forum
someone already warned you guys three years ago.


I do hope Funcom take some action, this is no ordinary lag spike, its being caused by something, code, thrall, hacking, I dont know, but it completely unpredictable.

It -usually- happens during prime time, Purge time, but I have seen it happen even early in the morning. The server simply freezes, surprisingly chat still work perfectly and character movement also. We can cross huge distances and the stamina bar wont move, surprisingly map and structures still load (slowly, but they do) so our characters can freely move while the rest of the server is frozen in time. Actually, even the day cycle gets frozen.

This state can last for 3 minutes to 20 minutes, best you can do is run back to your base and wait (different than ordinary lag we are not pushed back, like I said, we can move around just fine)

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We are facing this problem in # 1326.
We hope that we can solve it quickly.

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I’m sure it was a premeditation, and I found out they were selling the tool.
It wasn’t just Asia. Was the whole game hijacked?

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We are aware of the problem and it’s being looked into.
Please do remember that in order to report other players in case of suspect foul play, you should contact either me or @Hugo via DM.

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i get most of hte time rubber banding too, but, oh well…

the information i got is more related to the persons that are always online when this happens, there is at least 2 person that i can confirm they are in game when the server goes into this state. however it does not prove any wrong doings, so i cant accuse anyone just for being on, this problem could be caused by a person or several.

the important is it needs to be fixed we have been struggling with this way too much time.

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