Server problems never ending

Since release its been the same broken record, trash Gportal servers, funcom wanna rent the cheapest servers, find ways to increase performance from their side instead of just renting better f*cKen servers? now they wanna add in more emotes/commands for thralls that are just going to hinder performance even more.

Servers have constant load screens/ death loops/ laggy when theres like 15/40 online, after server resets it takes another 1-2 resets before anyone can actually log in, blame excess building all you want but thats how they designed it, this New map they are working on wont be any better its still the same company doing it with the same server provider. So many players I know have quit not because of the exploits/meshing/duping everything else that has taken 2+years to try fix, but because when they log in the server is lagging like mad an they cant even play. Thralls that have been activated/aggroed are more of a strain on a server from my experience as well, attack a base with 50 archers then bad lag turns into extreme lag, do Gportal dont have any better equipment or is it funcoms decision to go with the worst of it to keep costs down.

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